Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sometimes I'm like Meg's mother

That's Meg, from A Wrinkle in Time, whose scientist- mother cooks casseroles over her bunsen burner. Not that I do that exactly, but I have been known to get distracted by A Book whilst cooking and try to stir and read at the same time.

Less often, I'm like Laura Ingalls Wilder's Ma and stay loving and patient the whole slow and simple day.

More often than I'd care to admit, I'm in a tizz worthy of Mrs Bennet.

I'm curious - which book-mother are you ?


  1. What an interesting blog and, in particular, this question.

    My first reaction is that I'm Mrs Weasley but, to be perfectly honest, that is wishful thinking. I suspect the children might have very different suggestions!

    Mrs Weasley's house is homely and ever-changing. She can keep track of where the whole family is on her special clock and she has plenty of househelp with the use of a little magic. Sounds perfect.

  2. Hmm, asking the children might prove interesting! Not sure if I'm brave enough...

    The other book-mother who comes to mind is Mrs Garth, Mary Garth's mother in Eliot's 'Middlemarch'. There is a very affectionate scene where she is making pastry and teaching grammar at the same time.

    "Mrs Garth at certain hours was always in the kitchen, and this morning she was carrying on several occupations at once there - making her pies at the well scoured deal table on one side of that airy room, observing Sally's movements at the oven and dough-tub through an open door, and giving lessons to her youngest boy and girl, who were standing opposite to her at the table with their books and slates before them."

    I recognise that picture!