Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There is a limit

To how frugal even I can be...

I cleaned out the veggie drawer before I went grocery shopping and made veggie and pasta soup for lunch.

The soggy tray of tomatoes everyone turned their nose up at went into a saucepan and got cooked down into a tomato sauce to be used later in the week. Hey, I even mooshed it through a strainer to get the seeds and the skin out.

But the pile of socks Arwen has just unearthed from her drawer - lonely socks, holey socks, stretchy and too small socks - these I can do nothing with. I know I could make them into puppets. (Don't ask me where, but I have heard of a thing called a Sock Monkey. ) There is probably a chic and thrifty project out there on the web just perfect for using up the odd sock or twenty. I could make the children use them as beeswax-polishing mittens.

But I just rolled them up into one giant sock and put it in the bin. As I said, there is a limit...

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