Wednesday, June 2, 2010

High Falutin'

Of course, mothers are also for more mundane things than that high falutin' Peter Pan nonsense. Like dealing with screaming 10 year olds who have fallen off their scooter outside - while their mother is blogging about motherhood inside - and broken off a front tooth and who need their mama to hold them while they swish out mouthfuls of blood and tooth fragments and get whisked off to the dentist and the doctor and the dentist again and need reassurance that their 'fake' tooth will look just as good as their old, smashed up tooth and that breathing in between the screaming is a good idea and that it will all, in the end, be OK. Which it will. But I bet you Germaine never had to tell that story.


  1. Ok. Am trying this again. Word to the wise... organise signature before writing comment - otherwise-you may lose witty remark.

    Hehe to the G comment NOT the accident with L of course!

    Re - L

    I remember when Asha had her whole front tooth knocked out - root and all! Blood spurting everywhere. Did you know if you put it back in within 30 minutes it will take again?

    I 'll never forget though, Asha screamining "My Tooth, My Tooth, it's gone!" very scary. We had half a tooth to put back in (thank goodness) and she has a cap on the rest. Have a look when you see her you can barely notice.

    Hugs and love to you both!


    PS Hope that you don't mind me marketing your blog profusely! Good on you for going for it!

    Warm Wishes,
    Sirkka Wolke.
    And now for my own shameless promotion-

  2. Shameless promotion fine with me!!