Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Rules

Snowy and I took our lunch round to the oval today, to get a bit of sunshine and to have a change of scenery. Saturday afternoon soccer was in full swing.

Now, I have recently commented on someone else's blog that it is a good idea to confine your comments to what works for your own family and not run around the net making uniformed comments about others, be they homeschoolers, schoolers, religious, atheist....or soccer people.

So in that spirit, I'd like to say that:
1. In our family, it's considered rude to take one's vuvuzela to a soccer match and toot on the stupid thing every three minutes.
2. In our family, it's considered rude to shout at your children whilst they are trying to concentrate on a task. It's also considered rude to put one's head in hands when child fails to respond to shouting.
3. In our family, we like to watch our children take part in an activity, rather than film it to watch later.
4. In our family, it's considered rude to leave your filthy Fanta cans and chip packets at the oval for the council workers to clean up on Monday.

But just to show you we're not complete killjoys, in our family it is absolutely appropriate to cheer wildly when a child scores a goal!


  1. As a reluctant soccer mum I am totally hearing you on those 'family rules'.Especially #2!

  2. I know there are nice soccer parents too! but every time I get a fit of the guilts and ask Snowy if he wants to try soccer, and he says 'no', I feel so relieved!

  3. it is a joy to watch your child play at anything and i am always surprised at those who watch from behind a lens or who don't appreciate the simpilicty of quiet appreciation for a child's acts -be it in soprt, or building a tent or digging a hole.I come from a competitive sporting background and I am still surprised at the antics of some at soccer. The sports i played even the ones with body contact did not seem to attract such aggression from behind the white fence. Christopher