Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meat-Free - Suggestions ??

Living with one child who doesn't like meat, two who can take it or leave it, and feeling increasingly bothered by the idea of eating factory-farmed animals (though not, I have to confess, the idea of eating animals themselves ), I'm thinking that it might be time to up the number of vegetarian meals we consume in a week. Any suggestions for recipe books, websites or blogs that have yummy, kid-friendly, non egg-planty, vegetarian meals ? Leave me a comment or email me if you do. I'd be most grateful.


  1. I'm impressed with this free download book - a few meat recipes but mostly vegetarian.

    The meat we've been eating is mostly free range chickens and kangaroo sausages, but I'm ready to try being more meat free too.

    You probably already do the basics - soups, vegie patties, salads, baked veg, rice paper rolls or wraps - with veg and beans or chickpeas. I'm currently eating everything with roquette and salad cream - baked veg/green apple/pear/tuna with nuts/raisins/seeds and parmesan. Variations are endless.

    My partner is vegetarian, and recently decided to eat wheat free. A little more challenging.

  2. Forgot to include: stir-fries, curries, pasta sauces (tomato based/ mushroom and cream/pesto)and eggs (boiled, scrambled, omelettes and souffl├ęs). At the moment we're into mushroom and leek omelettes.

  3. Thanks for the link and suggestions. What do your kids think of the kangaroo sausages ?

  4. They ate them last night. The kids like them as a sometimes food, but wouldn't like them weekly.

    I've tried kangaroo steak - OK, but the mince - even the cat wouldn't eat it!