Friday, August 13, 2010

Poetry Friday - selected by Lucy

The Moon and a Cloud by W.H.Davies

Sometimes I watch the moon at night,
No matter be she near or far;
Up high, or in a leafy tree
Caught laughing like a bigger star.

Tonight the west if full of clouds;
The east is full of stars that fly
Into the cloud's dark foliage,
And the moon will follow by and by.

I see a dark brown shabby cloud -
The moon has gone behind its back;
I looked to see her turn it white-
She turned it to a lovely black.

A lovely cloud, a jet-black cloud;
It shines with such a glorious light,
That I am glad with all my heart
She turned it black instead of white.


  1. Thanks Lucy,a lovely choice of poem. I might just sit by the window tonight & watch the moon myself. xx

  2. Lucy I did just that last night, it was so lovely, there was even a cloud & lots of stars x