Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Workers I Love

Bakers, orchardists, general practitioners, writers of thoughtful essays, folk singers, hospital workers, mothers, historians, botanists, beekeepers, classical musicians, embroiderers, the people at HBO, astronomers, librarians, costume designers, aged care nurses, archaeologists, ABC radio presenters/producers/researchers, spinners, astrophysicists, writers of text books, creators of beautiful blogs, medical researchers, owners of independent bookshops, watercolourists, glass makers, preschool teachers, tea plantation workers, reading group helpers, elderly Red Cross ladies, children's book writers, illustrators, James May. Yes, I know he's not a category.

Who would you add ?


  1. Guerrilla knitters, anyone who organises flash mobs or spontaneous musicals, and anyone who cuts up fruit for me to eat.

  2. If you come over for a cup of tea, I'll cut you up an apple to go with it :)