Monday, October 11, 2010

Sports Afternoon.

This is an oval near our house. This is where we went to blow the cobwebs away after a first day back to "school". This is where, on a windy day, the children ran and jogged and cartwheeled and kicked a soccer ball and chased a frisbee. Became breathless and rosy cheeked. This is where their  father told them to try running with the wind at their backs and see the difference it makes. This is where I watched my children feel joy as they moved their bodies through space.

I know there's a place for the teaching of skills, for classes, for squads, for coaches, for drills. Just not at the expense of this.

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  1. with the wind at your back anyone can feel like Usain bolt,for one imaginary moment, it is freedom and sweetness at once, the heart pumps, the wind sings, it costs nothing, today i saw a boy grow wings with the wind at his back- how sweet and free and songlike - isn't that a nice interpretation of learning?