Monday, November 15, 2010

Dickens Dropouts

Although I've been enjoying the verbal gymnastics required to read Great Expectations aloud, the girls have not been enjoying the narrative in equal measure. They loathe Estella, feel terribly sorry for Joe and Biddy and have not a skerrick of affection for Pip. Which makes the prospect of another 40 or so chapters not so cheery. Lucy might read it on her own, just to see how things turn out, but Arwen - when not comatose with boredom - is begging me for fun and fantasy. I may have to visit the bookshop this week. What a terrible chore!

Truly Dickensian Children


  1. Such honest children. I love Dickens now, in small tonic doses, which works out fine since I know how it all comes out. My favorite bit is the preface of Barnaby Rudge where he discusses two ravens and their tragical deaths. For me it distills what makes Dickens so wonderful: Careful observation of character and the subtle balance of sorrow and comedy.

    I wonder what you will find to read next.

  2. I always struggled with Henry James - i liked dickens when i was a teenager - but as my American Lit. Professor used to say, "Whenever I am reading henry james, i wonder if there is something mmuch more inportant that i should be doing...." Dickens was a true chronicler of worlds long gone but i can't say I will ever go back to him. Anyway, by god Snowy is one handsome boy.