Friday, November 19, 2010

Young Ladies Book Club

It's been a Jane Austen term, and although we've briefly discussed romance, marriage and irony in Austen's novels, the focus has been on Regency life. Using Hands On Regency we've spent time in such ladylike pursuits as quilling and today, in creating a Regency up do. Frivolous but fun.

Some of the girls are performing in Pride and Prejudice, so we had a costumed Miss Lucas and a Mrs Bennet and a young lady in white day gown along.

Arwen looked the part from the neck up!

Lucy and Miss Lucas and random brush

Mrs Bennet and companion

Young ladies looking beautiful and anxiously waiting for me to finish taking photos so they can change and eat morning tea...

Thanks to all who came along and took part today.

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  1. What a great way to explore literature!! The "random brush" made me giggle--too funny! That is one of the difficulties with photography--sometimes a picture can be just perfect--if it isn't for that thumb-print in the upper corner--or for "the random brush".

    Thanks for an insightful post!!