Monday, February 28, 2011

A Day in The Life - Later

4.30 - Everyone's home and the girls unpack the shopping. I'm glad to hear Snowy had a play at the park while Arwen and I were busy.

We do the Mars Bar experiment - break the top layer of chocolate a little so that there are chocolate 'plates' on top of the caramel 'magma'. Stretch the Mars Bar a bit so the 'plates' move apart. Smash them back together so you end up with chocolate mountains. Smash it more so you get an earthquake. Eat it.  ( We bought an extra one for the poor, deprived girls...)

I have a rest on my bed for a while, listen to the radio and do a few rows of knitting. The girls get the guinea pigs out while Snowy and Chris try out a new game on the DS.

5.30 - Dinner prep - easy tonight, because I'm just making a vegetarian stir-fry with noodles. Lucy helps chop vegies and toasts the sesame seeds. She's also in charge of getting the washing off the line. We'll eat around 6.00. It looks stormy right now and I'm hoping it clears - Snowy likes to walk - run! - around the oval after dinner and it balances out the DS time!

I'm hoping to get time to toast some oats tonight and make muesli as well, but that's about it for our homeschool day. The only other 'to do' is to read another chapter of 'The Borrowers' to Snowy at bedtime.

This was a productive Monday! The only thing we didn't get around to was yoga - and that was pretty much compensated for by time at the park. This evening is for R&R and, having written this post today, I'm confident we all deserve it.

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