Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Wednesday and It's Peaceful

No-one has argued or cried  today. Everyone has done their 'school' work. I've got time to plan for Snowy's co-op tomorrow. I've thought about what we're doing on Friday, but that's a secret best kept from the birthday girl. There's oodles of the day left for cooking lasagna, taking Snowy to the park, helping Lucy with her sewing, reading aloud.

I think my plan is working; the one where I quarantine Monday to Thursday afternoon for work and family. It gives us plenty of time to attend to our education, the house, our meals, our pets, our hobbies, paid work, games, each other.

On Thursdays, Snowy goes to co-op. On Fridays we have book club or a field trip. The girls see friends on a Friday night. They dance on Saturday mornings and see more friends. Sometimes a good friend comes back with them to sleep over. On Sundays we visit with family.

Last year wore me out. Its theme was "friends". Its mood was hectic and rushed and breathless and teary and angry and anxious and sad. It felt like school, always moving to someone else's timetable and following someone else's rules.

A wise mama told me to do things my way this year. So I am. And it's peaceful.

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  1. I'm so glad that you have a routine that is working for your house. I know what you mean about a hectic schedule, we do no tleave the house at least 3 days a week.