Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Didn't the Americans discover America ?

To avoid hearing this comment ( from a source who shall remain nameless! ) in my homeschool ever again, I've been reading this book to Snowy. Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus ? by Jean Fritz is a fairly entertaining read - plenty of humour for the young boy-student - but it also takes a nuanced look at the man himself in all his vanity, religiosity and determination. It places Columbus in the context of his times and represents the people of the "New World" with respect. It's a forthright book and I do admit to censoring the bit that explains how Isabella burnt 'heretics' at the stake and then had choir boys singing during the burning so she wouldn't have to hear the screams. A seven year old doesn't quite need that level of detail. However, we're getting a good sense of how much was left to learn about the world in 1492.

I'm also really happy with this little gem, The Adventure of Life by Jean-Benoit Durand. It's a translation from the French, published by Gecko Press in NZ. It's divided into three sections - how this planet and life on it began, the evolution of mammals through to the human race and a section about growth and death in humans and other forms of life. The information is clear and concise, nicely paced and in a narrative style, making it almost perfect for oral narration. It also has lively illustrations which keep Snowy amused as he learns. I'd really recommend this book for a 6-9 yr old age group.


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