Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Club Questions for Dash and Lily's Book of Dares

I'm posting this as a public service; no book club questions online for this novel yet! So weary book club mothers, feel free to use these questions as they are. They are a little on the light side; my book club girls had an intense term of King Lear previously and I'm looking for fun conversations this term.

1. What were your initial thoughts about Dash ?
2. What did you first think about Lily ?
3. How did your opinions about the main characters change as the book went on ?
4. What are your thoughts on how the book is structured - moving between two narrators/authors and the use of the journal as a narrative device ?
5. What does this book suggest to you about the role of family ? How do Cohn and Levithan play with the idea of family ?
6. What do you think Cohn and Levithan are telling the reader about expectations ? About belonging ?
7. Is the relationship between Dash and Lily a realistic one ? Why or why not ?
8. Favourite minor character - who would you want to meet in real life ?
9 How or why is humour used in the novel ? did you find it humorous ? Which bits ?
10. Discuss Lily's fashion sense.
11. What Rice Krispie bar would you invent ?

It was a toss-up whether we'd make chocolate pizzas or Rice Krispie bars for book club this week but we're going the Rice Krispie route...we call them Rice Bubbles here.

Enjoy your discussion! As always, use these questions as a starting point for discussion - if the kids pick up on an aspect of the book and run with it, ditch the plan and run with them!

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