Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Cake; Or the Problem with Doing Lots of Homeschooly Things

The problem being that "Activities" are "Exhausting" and make me want to "Hide Under the Covers" for at least a week or so to "Recover".

Thankfully, this weekend held nothing more taxing than an hour's worth of tutoring and a Sunday afternoon tea. Leaving me free to do non-homeschooly things like laundry, of which I am rather fond, and pottering around in my kitchen, making pumpkin soup, cornmeal and blueberry muffins, stewed fruit, coconut cake and copious cups of tea. Which is more like it, homeschooly things being neccessary but not like it for me at all.

When I say 'things' I don't mean the things that involve books or pencils or lessons or books or...well, books. I mean the things that involve Other People, who are perfectly nice, just people who don't yet belong to the select group ( more than one hand but less than two ) of Those who do not Exhaust. I think one of the Other People might belong someday, but we have so much conversation to make before we get there that it's enough to make an introvert like me cry into her tea. Luckily I am fortified by cake.

Not my actual cake but a much better photo of a cake that looks identical to mine


  1. Ooh, I like the idea of "pottering around the kitchen", making all of those yummy things, and drinking plenty of tea! Mmm, cake...

  2. That's strange, Melissa—I could've sworn I wrote a comment here, but I must have written it in my mind…!

    In my mind I think I said, Can we come, please, soon, for a day of talk and cake and stillness together and smiling too? And we won't exhaust you, I hope, I hope. :)