Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Taught Her To Print but I Didn't Need To Teach Her to Write


Hobbits are, to be precise, small  people – hard working people too.  Normally they don’t like fighting or anything like that, with  the exception of Bilbo Baggins who, if he didn’t like the sound of all the rings and war and stuff, he shouldered it expertly.

Most Hobbit’s families are quite ancient, especially ones like the Tooks and Bagginses.  The ‘old Took” is the oldest Took mentioned.  Hobbits can live till they are over 100 years old.  Hobbits live in hobbit holes which are not slimy dark places or dry and sandy but very comfortable.  Some holes are very big but some are quite small, all are very nice.

Another thing you must know about Hobbits is that however big or small their house, hobbits nearly always have a full larder.  Hobbits love to have visitors because they love to talk.  Plus it’s an excuse to bring out something sticky and yummy and eat it!  Hobbits like to be comfortable and don’t really like things like hiking and running and (they especially don’t like this ) going on long journeys and running into Orcs and realising you have to fight in wars and that such.  Although slightly pompous, Hobbits make excellent friends and companions.

Even though there hardly ever is danger Hobbits are prepared for it.  They have danger cries like this one:  Fear fire foe! Fire fear foe!  Hobbits can do and have done great deeds and indeed will do more. 

Hobbits are a little smaller than dwarfes.  Hobbits have fairly large proportioned bellies and wear waistcoats.  The tallest Hobbit grows to about 4 feet.  Hobbits are nice, respectable people.  The end.

Because Arwen asked :) She wrote this for her Grandad in 4th grade.


  1. That is so cute! Thank you for sharing. I hope my so becomes as good at narration someday. :)

  2. What a great vocabulary she has! Thanks for sharing, Melissa.