Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free Range Fail

 I was on the phone to my sister. She was talking about prams. The girls were talking to me. I heard them say they were going to fetch  L's newspaper; L is away.

I heard a door close. I heard a door open. I finished the call to my sister. I thought the girls were home.

The girls weren't home. It doesn't take ten minutes to fetch the papers from across the road. I thought they'd be out chatting to the neighbours. I put on some shoes and went out to see.

The girls weren't there. The girls weren't in L's front yard.

This is the point in the narrative where a good free ranger would think to herself: I wonder ? Perhaps they've walked down to the park ? I'll wander down and take a look

Instead, high on sudden adrenalin, I thought: They're gone. Someone has taken them. The default position of fear.

C went to look. They were in the park. I yelled, they cried.

Where were you ??
We told you - we were going to get L's paper and go to the park!!!

I didn't hear them. I missed that part of the message. I was listening to my sister describe her pram. I heard them say they were going to fetch L's paper. That's all. Nothing happened.

But my heart races like it did.

As Arwen would say, it's a fail. An epic free range fail.


  1. Nah. It only would have been a free range fail if they'd gone to get the paper and they actually had been kidnapped. It's just a listening fail. Or a multitasking fail. Actually, I hear all multitasking is a fail, we just refuse to admit it and keep doing it anyway. ;)

  2. Or a mother going straight from sanity to freaking out in 2.2 seconds fail!

  3. A calm parenting fail. I had one of those earlier, but it was directed at the children, not the boogeymen out to get them.

  4. Thanks for keeping me company in my failure :)

  5. Due to a communication fail, I became convinced that my daughter and her friend had left the house without telling me at some ridiculous hour of the morning and went somewhere that they knew I wouldn't approve of them going at that hour. Turned out that they stopped off somewhere unscheduled later in that morning when they went out for a walk that I knew about and then forgot to tell me about it, leaving me to get a somewhat garbled version of the morning's going ons from someone else. I had a lot of apologizing to do. 0_x So. Been there, done that, felt like a big dork.

  6. LOL! I just did that today when I thought one was here doing something with the other, only to realise that wasn't the freakout, until I found him quietly going about his 'busyness' in the backyard!