Saturday, August 13, 2011

It Occurs to Me I Need a Camera. And Less Self Deprecation.

 The last camera I had ended its life dropped on its lens. Actually, that's also what happened to the second last camera I owned. If I want to take a photo, I have to ask my daughters - sorry Mum, can't find it - or my son - sorry Mum, no batteries.

If I had a new camera, I could have taken and posted a photo of Snowy and a friend making some very crafty 
peg and button racers.

Then I could have taken some more photos of the enthusiasm with which they experimented with ways of making those racers GO!!!

And if I wasn't so Australian in the way I play down anything we do, I could have also taken and posted photos of Snowy making homemade lemonade ( complete with recipe ) and Snowy baking jam tarts ( ditto) and his second playdate of the week - yes, I finally managed to meet the social needs of one of my children! I'm pretty sure it's a one off...

Then our week would have looked as hands on and crafty and peopled as it really was, and my blog would look like a proper home school blog and we would look like a proper home school family, instead of one who occasionally reads a book but vastly prefers a. thinking about  poetry and spending too much time on the net b. going to school c. playing computer games or d. actually, Lucy does look like a proper home school student. I should take some photos of her studying.

I might even write one of those curricula lists! Maybe...

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  1. Too funny, Melissa :) I could picture it all in my head, so that counts for something, don't you think? I loved this.