Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Proper Homeschool Week or How Long Can I Keep This Up ?

Essays and speeches, the suffragettes, John Stuart Mill and his Reform Act amendment, shadow puppets on a stick, a theatre and 15 people  in my lounge room, geometry, money, four digit subtraction, Greek mythology, maps and treasure, chapters of Farmer Boy - doughnuts, more doughnuts, twisted, not round - and apples and popcorn and volume and mass and Lego, coded by colour and weighed, the weights added, 8.1 kilos of it. Horrible Histories, episode after gory episode, legs being chopped off, enrichment, autobiographies, words and voice and tone and punctuation. Exhibitions. On Sale: The History of Shopping. Nanny Piggins, the new book. Tennis practice out the front, a morning walk Low fat brownies, a pan of muffins oozing berries, a batch of butterscotch biscuits. Emails and plans and looking for felt to sew a new Yoshi and sewing a present and tidying drawers. Vacuums. Washing machines. Dinner and floors. Persuasion, talking about. Vitamins for teens. Appointments. Reading lessons. Reading books. Reading. Thinking. Slowing. Finally. Resting.


  1. i got tired just reading that! ;)

  2. Yes! I am thankful that next week looks like having less in it. Such a fine line between keeping interest levels high and doing too much :(