Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Career Advice for Second Grade

Snowy: Look Mum, I'm designing a house like the ones on Grand Designs.
Me: Fantastic!
Snowy: As soon as I turn fifteen I'm going to start saving up the money to build it.
Me: Awesome!
Snowy: I'm not going to work at K-Mart any more though.
Me: Really ?

Snowy: I'll need a better paid job. I'm going into advertising.
Me: You are ???
Snowy: You can make a lot of money just from one account Mum.
Me: So...how did you find out about advertising ?
Snowy: (like I'm a little bit slow)...Bewitched, of course!

Only the best life coach for my kid!


  1. Ooh, I love it! Classic television as an inadvertent teaching tool. ;)

  2. At least he didn't say "Mad Men."

  3. Advertising!

    That is better than K-mart--but...


  4. Yeah, I know. So far I'm failing to raise him as a non-materialist.