Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book Tale, Or Why I Am Too Tired to Format This Properly

Once upon a time, there was a mother. And there was a pile of school books waiting to be covered in shiny pink and purple and blue contact. And from the kitchen the children could hear the mother throwing a rather large tantrum and the sound of books being ripped away from contact paper which was crooked, bubbly or otherwise awry. Also unsuitable language.

The mother did not like this job at all. Even when she threw all the rolls of contact on the floor and covered the books the old-fashioned way, with brown paper and sticky tape, she did not like it. She did not like finding pictures on the internet of Alex Pettyfer and Lea Michele to make into labels.

All this things she did, with bad grace, it must be admitted, but did nevertheless, out of love for a daughter who needed those books covered by Monday. Next time she is hiring someone to do the job for her, for even the love of a daughter cannot replace her sanity. School is already an education!


  1. I'll come over and show you. There is a method!

  2. Awww. Covering books isn't so difficult. Well, back in the U.S., we just did it with brown paper bags. Heh. I love your wit. :)

  3. Contact paper is evil. It's right up there with cling wrap and packing tape. I don't blame you for using the unsuitable language.

  4. I remember the days of contact paper...
    Looking forward to hearing how the transition goes.