Friday, February 17, 2012

Homeschool Mum, Public School...

So far, I can see two advantages to a background in home education when entering the public education behemoth.

Firstly, I'm not over awed by the teachers. I'm prepared to assume the best of their teaching but if the best doesn't eventuate, I won't defer. This won't make me a popular mum, but it will do all sorts of good things for my daughter's education.

I'm giving them a term, just to lull them into a sense of security. 'That homeschool mum seems normal!' What they don't know is I'm making a list. And there's an April appointment coming up. The English Department. Me.

Secondly, I can see busywork coming a mile away. Ten years of efficient home education will do that for you.  So when my daughter comes home with an assignment like this: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation about Mongolia, Nepal and surrounding countries, I have no hesitation in writing a note in her diary: Dear Mrs-Didn't-Provide-Adequate-Information-On-This-Project, Arwen was not able to complete this assignment. Regards, A-Mum-Who-Won't-Allow-Her-Child-To-Waste-Her-Life-On-Pointless-Exercises-Without-A-Fight.

Although I did help her type up her Potato story. Sigh. See above meeting with English Dept.

Of course, all my personal friends are this kind of mother, whether they homeschooled or not. But the questioning kind isn't in the majority. And that's how schools get away with their junky curriculum and their unreasonable demands on family life.

Oh, and to clarify what I mean by junky ? Everything Arwen has done at school so far is something she has already done, and in many cases, years ago. Except for Power Points. The subsitute English teacher had them reading and discussing from a book I'd give to my third-grader. Rigourous it is not. I guess that might change but I'm not holding my breath.


  1. When it comes to public school, I'm definitely open to it as an option. If my son chooses to attend school (once we're settled back home in the states), I hope I can be as clear-sighted as you are about the curriculum and teachers, and making sure my son gets a good education. :)

  2. I really regret not having stood up for myself and my son more when he was in school.

    Public schools would have to step it up if more mothers had that attitude.

    You rock! Arwen is so lucky.