Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rivers and Sunshine

A walk by the river yesterday. Rocks, mangroves, kingfishers, ibis. A skink sunbathing on a log. Crushed shell underfoot. My Grandma's ashes are scattered in the park where we walked. I imagine she liked to see us there, the place she played at and explored as a girl in a Guide uniform.

Home to sunshine :)

My good friend in Guatemala, hooping mama extraordinaire, shared this award with me. The deal is answering some questions and passing the award on. Here we go

What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? The Muppets version of A Christmas Carol.

What is your favorite flower? A freesia, yellow, or a violet, purple. Or a poppy. 

What is your favourite (non-alcoholic) beverage? Oh my God, tea! I live for tea.   When I go to bed at     night I am already looking forward to the first tea of the next day. 

What is your passion?  Oops, just realised I left that blank. Freudian slip I think.

 What is your favorite time of year? Autumn. May. My birthday week.

 What is your favorite time of the day? Mornings - around 6 or so, just as the bird chatter reaches a peak and the whole house is still sleeping.

What is your favorite physical activity?  Walking.

What is your favorite vacation? So, we call vacations 'holidays'. And we don't get enough of them! For a day trip or a night away, the south coast or the Blue Mountains. In fantasy land, Paris with C or New York with Yoshi. London with Arwen, the Welsh coast with Lucy.

What song is going around in your head right now ?


What are you reading right now?  Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. Bloody brilliant.


Okey dokey. There's that done! And yet again Blogger has sent me round the twist by being unco-operative. Never mind. Ignore how messy this post is please. More important work at hand.

I'd like to present the Sunshine Award to the Pollyanna of the fantasy fic world, Wendy at Between the Worlds.

And to my friend over at Motherhugger, who could use some sunshine, not to mention any good thoughts you have to spare.

(Oh yeah, that song is actually non-partisan. I'm totally partisan. But the song isn't :))

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  1. Thanks. I'll accept your offer.
    Love the song - that teacher is brilliant. Love Shirley Jackson. And love the idea of different holidays with different people - it just makes sense.