Thursday, January 10, 2013

Daily Life - Mornings

It's a work in progress, that's for sure. I've always had trouble getting the whole of a thing done - the bedrooms are clean but the bathroom's a mess; homeschool is going great but I haven't spoken to a friend in weeks - and daily life in no exception.

Lately, though, I've wrestled the mornings into submission.

Summer light started it - dawn at the east facing window early. My sleep shifts with the seasons and in summer, I'm an early riser.

At 5 or 6 in the morning, no-one else is awake. I have the quiet house to myself. I open the windows wide to the cool morning air, letting out staleness and last night's dreams. Then I settle myself on the sofa, tablet at hand, and stream a meditation from a series recorded at our local Buddist centre.

Sometimes it's twenty minutes of excruciating mindlessness, sometimes mindfulness comes easier. But most mornings I sit. Attempt to focus on the breath, to practice loving kindness, to settle. Even on a bad day, I console myself with having at least stayed true to my intention - to cultivate a habit of meditation.

Tea comes next. It's always a struggle to put that cup of tea second. Madura, one large cup.

Then the garden. It's small, our garden. Won't win any prizes. Still, it needs care. Watering, pruning, raking. At that hour, the birds are my only company. Even the sun isn't high enough to peer over the roof.

Lastly, a poem. Reading under my breath, catching the rhythms.

The guinea pigs begin to squeak for grass. One sleepy child comes looking for me. The day begins.


  1. mama when r u gunna blog 'bout me?

    Its Prue!

  2. I love this and wish, at times, I was an early riser. So many people enjoy that quite time before the children are awake, and your morning sounds lovely.

  3. This is me, but at night. The night is quiet, the hermit crabs are mildly active, I listen to guided imagery and crochet, do the dishes and jerk around on Pinterest. One day I will have a managed morning, perhaps!