Monday, July 29, 2013

The Slacker Mum's Guide to Homeschooling Part 2

Part 2

Two words. Scandinavian Pedagogy. Just make sure you practice the pronunciation of pedagogy a few times before use.

Why ? Well, Scandinavian Pedagogy buys you two precious slacker years. Those Scandinavian children start school at seven, and what's good for Thorbjorn is just as good for Lavinia.

With SP as your excuse, all Lavinia needs to do between the ages of five and seven is play with Lego, while you have a good lie down. When she bores of construction toys, bundle her up in her snow suit and send her outside to build a fort. Adjust according to local weather conditions. Finish the day with some rousing Swedish folk tunes, then it's a quick open sandwich before bed. Voila! Or its equivalent in Norwegian.

These children grow up to be robust and contribute to the thriving Scandinavian crime fiction scene. Under your tutelage, Lavinia too may one day grow up to start a novel with the words "The lobster fishery was not what it once was."


  1. This made me smile. Thanks for that.

  2. A bit of silly now and then is a good thing :)

  3. I'm really hoping for a part 3, I needed the laugh!