Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poetry - Oops! - Sunday

On Friday I was too busy hosting book club. On Saturday I was too busy reading and making apple pie, today I was too busy drinking coffee and playing Moshi Monsters with Snowy ( don't ask, but if you want to see our Moshi Monster rooms online, ask for boydetective and boydetectivemum ).

Tonight, though, with permission of the poet.....

Black & light by Kathleen Bleakley

I dream of
a white dog
running across
spiked with
morning frost

of stroking
soft fur
a small dog

when I wake
you are still
little black
& tan dog

I remember cradling
your body
beautiful black fur
not a spot of red
yet inside bleeding
to death

I've dreamt
so many replays
times of reaching
you before the car

in the eighth year
the white dog
comes to my dream

but breath
stabs my chest
I see you lying
a statue on
the grass
I called your name
not dead
you could
just raise your head

I held your body
bones, fur
and breath
for your spirit
to stay

maybe that
white dog
is your light ?

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  1. Thanks Melissa! Statue & all!

    springish wishes,