Thursday, June 23, 2011


Call me a woman without a life (or a woman without a knack for titles) but I'm tickled pink as a strawberry pavlova to receive this award from Rockhound Place!

A calm oasis of a blog, I visit to remind myself that music, books and the natural world matter deeply and truly.

Receipt of this award involves passing it along to 15 of my favourite blogs, many of whom Christina has already gifted with the pavlova, but I've a few in mind.

Now, bear with me, because it also involves telling you ten things about myself. Awful, isn't it, the things I'll do for meringue ?

1 When I was in high school, I kept a photo of David Bowie tucked inside my bra.
2 My worst habit is diving into an argument about things I know nothing about. Today it was the Duggars.
3 I secretly like doing laundry.
4 I would like to find someone who adores Nigella Lawson as much as I do.
5 Something I don't understand is how the internet works. Or telephones.
6 When I'm sad I listen to Joni Mitchell's 'Blue'.
7 I was surprised to find I like Paris.
8 I'm a Middlemarchian living with a Proustian.
9 I've had 18 homes and 15 different paid jobs.
10 One of my dreams is in the process of coming true - I'm going to be an Aunty!!

Still awake ?

Consider yourself sweetened if I list your blog below! More to follow...

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  1. Thanks for the tips! and for sharing this awesome blog.