Sunday, June 26, 2011

Would You Like to Waste Some Time ?

If so, please visit  I Write Like to find you write like. Probably best to avoid if having a unique voice is important to you, because the only impossible answer is "You write like yourself".

I discovered I am quite Lovecraftian. Apparently. Doubtfully. Your results may make more sense to you. It isn't totally random, because when I entered some genuinely Lovecraftian paragraphs, written by Lovecraft himself, the site informed me..again...that "You write like Lovecraft." So, you know, at least Lovecraft doesn't write like Stephen King.

Any time.


  1. Melissa, I tried it—I put in five different excerpts from my blog and it said I was like 5 different writers. Interesting!
    Then I wrote this: "dogs are nice
    I like dogs
    they go woofs woofs woofs
    and then they sniff something
    and go woofs woofs woofs some more"
    and it said I wrote like…wait for it…
    Margaret Atwood! SO, so funny.

    Thanks for this—it sure made me smile. And thanks so much for the blog award and for your 'sweet' comments!
    AND, thank you, for your own, fine words (which are, in fact, unlike any others) :)

  2. Nothing like a silly Sunday timewaster!

  3. Ha! It said I write like Edgar Allan Poe. Great ego-booster! Thanks