Sunday, December 4, 2011

Homeschool Reverb #11 - Do Over

If you could have one moment  that you could do differently in 2011, what would that moment be?

Trying to remember a year full of moments is an impossible task for me; I'm no Proust. I know what I'd do over though.

Lucy's 8th grade year was one of shaken confidence for me. Partly this was due to the sudden introduction of school into our lives, partly to worrying over high school. Lucy must do more! It must look more like school! We must use curricula! It was time to buckle down! With a textbook!

Trouble is, with our dear Charlotte Mason chucked unceremoniously out the window, the year became a grind. 

9th grade will be simple. Simple, but with complex material. Lucy and I will go back to a CM style of education with plenty of books strong in a narrative voice, plenty of written narrations, plenty of time outdoors and working on real life skills - they call it food and textile technology at school in that mania for all things fancy, we call it sewing and cooking - a few outside classes and end of term exams to pop into a portfolio. 

As far as do overs go, this one's a cinch, going back to a style that has worked for Lucy for years, one that speaks to her strengths and temperament, one that will take her through high school perfectly efficiently and rigorously...

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