Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I count my daughters amongst the loveliest things there are in this world.

And the stories and poems they write - mostly Arwen - and the drawings and crafts they create - mostly Lucy - are wonderful too.

This is Lucy's latest creation, The Outsiders' Society. In her own words:

I am a fifteen year old girl living in the Southern Hemisphere. I will posting book lists, and links to websites and to news stories about issues I feel are important- such as peace, feminism, equality, nature, art, and crafts; I will be also be posting ideas for meaningful ways to celebrate days such as Earth day and Harmony day.
The title of this blog refers to to Virginia Woolf's classic book Three Guineas:

'...[A]society which the daughters of educated men might found and join...In the first place, this new society, you will be relieved to learn, would have no honorary treasurer, for it would need no funds. It would have no office, no committee, no secretary; it would call no meetings; it would hold no conferences. If name it must have, it could be called the Outsiders' Society...It would consist of educated men's daughters working in their own class - how indeed can they work in any other? - and by their own methods for liberty, equality and peace.' (A Room Of One's Own and Three Guineas, by Virginia Woolf, annotated edition published by Penguin Books, 1993)

This blog is my (small) segment of the Outsider's Society.

Please click through to The Outsiders' Society to peruse a blog with a difference - more great info/links, less personal chit-chat :)

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