Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Leaning Tower of Cardboard

Today was Yoshi's first day of term. We watched a BrainPop video about skyscrapers and he decided to run with a skyscraper project that was his own idea.

First came the build.

Then it was time to subject the tower to a a little stress.

A deluge.

A hurricane, courtesy of my hairdryer ( out of shot ).

The tower and its sticky tape buttresses held up pretty well to our first two natural disasters, although some reinforcements were necessary after the hurricane. We pretty much went through a roll of tape.

And then came the asteroid strike. Actually, three asteroid strikes.

Hence, the Leaning Tower of Cardboard. We also had some compression issues on the ground floor. Sorry, squashed tenants. As Yoshi said, it's quite stressful being an engineer.


  1. I love it! He is so creative. Yes, I think being an engineer must be stressful - people count on you to give them a safe structure in which to work or live. ;)

    But it looks like he did a fine job.

  2. Great job Yoshi! Fantastic engineering!

    Have you watched the "Engineering an Empire" series?
    It's a series of documentaries on all the ancient empires,
    a lot to do with the building feats. He might like them.

  3. That's fun :) Just... fun :)

  4. Ooh, a new to us doco! Will have to look out for it. Thanks Gabi.

    Wendy, I think restricting screens may be paying off a little in a return to some non-gaming creativity.

    Sarah, yes. Fun! I was glad Y enjoyed himself so much :)

  5. See, I don't think many engineers would have thought to test their prototypes against an asteroid strike. Brilliant!

    Looks like Yoshi had a great time!