Monday, April 29, 2013

Creations - Lucy Blogs About Amnesty, I Sit on the Sofa And Crochet

My eldest was born with a sense of social justice. It's one of the things I admire about her.

Click through to read some information about Amnesty International. Their online petitions are one of the simplest ways to take meaningful action on issues of social justice.


As for me, I'm obsessed with crochet. Am I becoming more shallow as I age ? Possibly.

All I know is that hooking those trebles is deeply satisfying.

Anne Summers would scorn me. She thinks mothers like me, who choose the domestic sphere for an extended period of time, are ungrateful, irresponsible dilettantes. Whatever.

I mostly like what Summers has to say. I'm just getting a tad tired of the...hmm..assumption that women who don't 'attach themselves to the workforce' are stupid, and in need of a lecture from Mummy. I'm pretty clear on what I've given up. It definitely involves money and status. It doesn't involve self-determination or personhood or my brain.

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